Thermocouple Reader Systems TRS

What is Termokupl?

A thermocouple is a type of temperature reading sensor. The measurement is quite extensive. So it is used in many areas such as industry, automotive. It differs according to the type of material used in itself and the type of packaging / sheathing. Below you can see the thermocouples produced in different sheaths. The sensor part of these is actually the junction points of two different metals, each of which occupies a tiny space. This junction point produces volumetric voltage values at different temperatures. This voltage value is read accurately and the temperature measurement is performed.

TRS Thermocouple Reader System

With Kies thermocouple reading systems you can measure and test on your computer via USB. It does not require extra power supply. You can record your temperature values, plot your graphs. With the Kies thermocouple readout modules, you can also continuously measure the ambient temperature without using an external sensor.

With Kies thermocouple reading systems you can get temperature measurements from -270 ° C to + 1372 ° C. The measurement accuracy is 41.276 μV / ° C (@ 0 ° C to + 1000 ° C).

Kies Thermocoupler reading systems are safe and robust systems with 1,2,4 and 8 channel options designed with 14-bit high-precision new technology components.

TRS can useable various fields. For example battery test systems, chemical tests, motor control systems, laser and lighting systems, biological test and enviroment systems, PCB manufacturing and test systems etc.

Technical Details

Connection USB-B Type Connection
Power Supply USB supply, Not need external
Resolution 14-bits 0.25ºC
Temperature Range -270 ° C to + 1372 ° C
Compensation Integrated Cold-Junction Compensation
Security Detects Thermocouple Shorts to GND or VCC, Detects Open Thermocouple
Development Enviroment .NET C#, LabVIEW
Development Support Kies provide communication interface for developers
Application Easily measure and log all acquired data with PC application.
Channel 1, 2, 4 and 8 Channel

You can communicate for different temperature ranges according to the needs of our customers.