TCMFC – Two Channel MFC Controller


MFC ( Mass Flow Controller GFC ), is a device used to measure and control the flow of liquids and gases. Kies TCMFC system has control 2 Mass Flow Controller independently, from computer on LabVIEW program. (It can be integrated into the .NET environment according to the wishes of the customer)

MFC devices photograph in following figures. MFC has several types according to flow value.

AALBORG MFC is a most used products in MFC class. With this product’s LabVIEW-compatible Kies TCMFC card, two MFCs can be controlled in one system. You can also contact other brand / model products.

The Kies TCMFC card is a great convenience for the use of computer-controlled MFC devices. Using the designed LabVIEW subVIs, you can start to check your MFC devices in minutes.

subVI List is following;

  • TCMFC_Init: Initialize TCMFC settings
  • TCMFC_VALVE: MFC’nin valve on/off.
  • TCMFC_SET: Set MFC flow value
  • TCMFC_READ: Read MFC flow value

You can see how the TCMFC can be used with the LabVIEW test application. Basic test systems for testing software applications and can see your work.


*If a special request arrives, a library compatible with Visual Studio .NET C # environment can be developed.

Kies TCMFC is affordable, safe and has passed many tests. As a result of all this, sales have been approved.

You can see the input / output value test of TCMFC and how to use the test application from the following blog post.

TCMFC Test Software

Kies TCMFC Technical Specifications

  • USB-B PC Connection
  • +12V Power input
  • Two channel MFC control capacitance
    • 12-bit control resolution
    • 10-bit read resolution
    • Output valve on/off control
  • With LabVIEW subVI’s fast integration your test enviroment


For TCMFC price information, questions and other test/control device requirement please e-mail to

Worldwide shipping

Box includes;

  • TCMFC Control Board
  • USB-B Cable
  • 220 VAC to +12V Adapter
  • 2 x ~30cm MFC Connector Cable (D-Sub-Tunik)